Monday, September 17, 2012

Her very first smile - that turned into a chuckle

We are making our way through the transition home - some days good, some a bit challenging, but we're making our way and each day and moment are better and better.  The story below from our time in India was a major high light of our trip - the day she smiled and then laughed.... it was awesome!

This picture taken in our hotel room in India.  Brad playing blocks with Mr. Lamb and Lauren Anjali - Mr. Lamb started knocking down blocks with his arms, and eventually used his big ears to knock down the blocks, some times he missed, other times he flipped backwards (my Brad Blunt is the greatest playful dad who is very creative, gentle, kind, and patient....have I told you how much I love this man??).  This was her VERY first smile and laugh ... since then there have been many on a daily basis :)   When the blocks fell - Brad kindof hit himself in the head (not hard of course), "oh no, what happened" guess who minics him every time now when something falls, a dropped sippy cup, etc.... she's so cute when she does this, sometimes for the smallest thing.....  hits her head and babbles words like "oh, no"... and then laughs....she cracks herself up and us too.

And now she even mimics daddy with Mr. Lamb knocking down blocks :)  She's one fast learner -- language barrier -- not that big of a challenge during play time... :)  Laughter and silliness are universal...


  1. Brad is a wonderful, Dad.... :o) What a beautiful memory that he got the first smile/laugh out of Lauren Anjali! Still praying for you.... :)


  2. This is such a sweet story. And I agree with Meredith. Brad is a wonderful dad!

  3. Love this story! Years down the road, I'm sure this will be a favorite to retell :) She is absolutely adorable! Praying for your transition!!

  4. I LOVE the photos!! I'm so glad to see how wonderfully everything is going-and what a sweet gift to have her first smile on photo! She will love hearing that story when she is older :)

  5. Such a sweet account of this very fun "first"! I don't think I've ever read her age -- how old is you sweetie?

    1. She turned 3 on Friday Sept. 14th - the day we got home :)