Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Certificate of Citizenship and some updated pics

So excited - we got Lauren's Certificate of Citizenship this week from US Immigration. Her sweet little passport photo attached is a reminder of how far we've come!  (Physically and emotionally).  Her look of fear in that photo has faded to laughs and giggles and her hair is growing like crazy making her a curly headed beauty :)
Lauren and Joshua continue to bond and it's a joy to watch.  See pics below of Lauren moving her plate to Joshua's side of the dinner table to "join him", feed him, and mess a bit with his hair.  I think she LOVES ruffling his hair - it's so soft to feel and I guess she sees me touching his head often ..... she's a great little mother to him... it is downright hilarious.  Brad and I both say we can't wait until she speaks more english, because she is going to mother Joshua like crazy.  Recently when I was trying to get Joshua to wake up and get ready for school (with no success), she came up to him and clapped her hands three times and rambled off a long string of Marathi - it was adorable....we cracked up.  Our little obedient, determined, rule follower is too cute.... wonder if she will always be this way???

It starts out simple - just a seat change - and she brings her plate too. Can I sit on your lap bye-ah?

Then it turns into a "can I get behind you and hug your neck?"

Then...."how about it I feed you??"

"Oh bye-ah, your hair is so silky soft- let me ruffle it up a bit"

True brotherly / sister love. (of course I wouldn't take a picture of the wrestling and annoying each other scenes, now would I?)

Here is also a recent picture at our church Christmas pagent.  Lauren was a sheep and Joshua was a shepherd. She had the ears on for about a second :)  No big deal .... who needs silly sheep ears anyway when you are naturally this cute?!!  Besides, Bye-ah's shepherd head piece is falling off too, see below..... we march to our own little drummer boy :)

Life is busy yall, what can I say.....tis the season.  Praying for several families in India right now picking up their children / or going to court.  What a special Christmas gift to have these children.....we are blessed.  


  1. I love the Marathi directions . . . how funny that she's telling him what's what! It's so sweet to see your two loving each other.

  2. Love reading about Lauren and seeing the same things going on here with RJ. We are both blessed :)