Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today at Physcial Therapy

We had a great day today at PT.  Joshua woke in the middle of the night last night saying he didn't feel well and thought he had to throw up.  He never did get sick and went back to sleep.  So this morning I wasn't surprised to hear him say he again thought he had to throw up.  (Of course this was after I mentioned that Lauren was staying home with me today because it's PT Day and also that I had to go to work for a Christmas Cookie exchange.) So Joshua stayed home from school today.  He still hasn't got sick and continues to give me his "sick rating" -- this morning he started at 30, at noon he was at 55 before he ate, then he said he went back to 50 after eating :) so who knows..... anyway.... so he got to go to PT with Lauren and also to my office this morning. 

He was such a great help at PT; Lauren would do literally anything the therapist asked because of course Joshua did it first. But during this visit we got to see little miss doing all her skills that we've been working so hard on:
  • Balance beam
  • Jump with both feet
  • Swing
  • Trampoline
  • Scooter Board
  • Belly time playing Cootie Bug
  • Bean Bag toss
  • Wagon ride and also wagon pull (she and Joshua took turns and she actually pulled him around too!)
  • Balance on beam while hitting balloon in the air
  • Fine motor puzzle / coupled with balancing exercise
  • We did some tall knee playing, all fours, and belly time
  • She continues to get up with one foot then another off of her kneel time - which is great!
And at the end when she didn't want to leave she headed for the Mr. Potato Head......

Today she was all about it!  But we cold also see how far she really has come.  While on wagon ride, we were singing the ABCs.... I have to take a video and figure out how to post on here.... it is soooo cute.  It goes something like this, "AB, AB, AB, A........ AB, AB, AB, A"  ..... too funny :)  I'm on a waiting list for an afternoon appointment time, so Joshua could come each week.... we both think this would be beneficial, but meanwhile, we continue to go to PT on our own and she also still wears her feet braces every day.  She is gaining such strength!  One of our friend's little girl said recently, "man Lauren is getting some abs!" - of course I don't believe it's that noticeable - but she sure is getting stronger.  With strength also comes confidence and that is really fun to watch as she tries new things and cheers herself on :)

Some pics from an earlier visit :)

On another note - I've had such a heavy heart in recent days.  A family from our adoption support group - it's a blended family with grown kids and now foster kids in the family too.  The dad's college-age daughter was hit by a car while at school and has a severe brain injury along with many other body injuries.  My heart is just breaking because they say she may not wake up for two months - and she will likely be in an inpatient rehab therapy hospital for 2 years.... and that is assuming other surprises don't come up along the way.  She's in PA and her dad has been by her side day and night.  Please pray for Katie.... I am really praying for a Christmas miracle! It is so very hard to imagine such a tragedy in ones family ...... it takes my breath away just thinking about it.  And I'm reminded that our time on earth is like a grain of sand on the beach of eternity and while on earth we are not promised a pain free life (although I cry out to the Lord, make it so)....losing a child or even having such a tragedy...experiencing such pain and terror...... I just can't imagine and I don't like it one bit....makes me want all my family to go to heaven at the SAME time! People all over the US are praying for Katie - and even around the globe....won't you join us?  I sooooo want a miracle..... Lord Jesus, show your healing power and we give you ALL the glory!! 


  1. Oh, sad. I will be praying for Katie and her family. It is true, we never know what is going to happen to us in this makes me realize to be so thankful for everything we have in the moment....and to ultimately realize that our greatest treasure is always the Lord....He's the only "sure" thing....

  2. I'm so sorry. I just read a book called, A Miracle for Jen. It's so similar to your friend's situation. I think that they may really appreciate it right now.

  3. I LOVE seeing "life with lauren" on your blog :)

    fun to see how well she is doing at the gym!