Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lauren's Baptism - with pictures too!

At times I'm hesitant to post about our doings, only because I know so many of you are still waiting and I can recall how very difficult that wait is, especially around the holidays. I also recall a friend Nikki posting after they returned with their daughter, and that gave me a bunch of hope to see that yep, this does eventually happen.  So below is a post of life today with Lauren and the Blunt family..... I pray this post brightens your day and gives you hope too..... that one day, you will be with your children... those entrusted to you by God to raise and teach and love.  I pray that day is very, very soon for you.  Meanwhile, hugs to each of you in the waiting.

December 30, 2012- Lauren is baptized.
Our church believes in infant baptism and our Pastor Chris also felt that we could have Lauren baptized under this belief even though she is already three years old.  So today, she was baptized.  She did remarkable in front of the church while we stood and received a prayer on adoption and then also the liturgy and reciting of the a family and then also as a church family. 

She ruffled Joshua's hair most of the time, it was so sweet....this must give her great comfort.  (I think he secretly likes it too....although the pics might not appear so).  When it was time for the sprinkling of water over her head, she wasn't crazy about it and then crawled tighter to Brad's neck.  Pastor Chris took her to present to the congregation for a brief moment, and she was starting to she reached for Brad.  He took her - and we laid hands over her to pray.  She then wanted me to hold if to say, "daddy, under your care you let me get water on my head"..... "so I think I want mommy now". 

She was so sweet and then after church didn't want to be near Pastor Chris and even started to cry again.  We all hugged on our Pastor, saying... "he's a good guy".... then later in the fellowship area, when Pastor Chris sat down on a chair and we were talking, Lauren went up to him and laid her head on his lap/belly and wrapped her arms around him as if to say, "ok, I forgive you.... I like you again".... it was so cute.  One thing that I've learned from this tiny little 3 year old is not to hold a grudge.  It's amazing; she is the most forgiving person I know!!  When Joshua does stuff to her that makes her mad, or bothers her, etc.... she gets on him with her ranting and raving Marathi and then a few minutes later she looks for him to give him a great big hug, ruffle his hair, or kiss his cheek, hug his neck.  She is teaching us all grace at a whole new level.

We wrapped our time up at church with a few family pictures, etc... Nana was there too!!  Yea!  And then the children's pastor, Mrs. Brenda came upstairs and we got a picture of her too.  She also held Lauren tight and poured love into her.  We are very blessed to have Mrs. Brenda.  Enjoy the pictures of our blessed day.  We are once again reminded that God is our Father and without him in our lives we would be lost.  We see such amazing work of the Father in Lauren's life as she continues to grow in her forever family.  I pray we continue to hold her up in prayer and that her precious life continues to be a reflection of God's grace, love, and provision. 

She's thinking.....not sure what all this is about..........

When in doubt with surroundings, ruffle "bye-ah's" hair .... it's so soft and floppy.

We love Pastor Chris......

 More rubbing of his head.......

Great, I could use a drink of water about right now.....

Wait....what's he doing???

I am out of here the first chance I get.....

Praying and laying on of hands......mommy has my hand... it's all ok......

Yikes...what is he doing with me???

I think I'll stick with mommy for a bit.....

 Nana was there too......

We love Mrs. Brenda..........

and she loves us right back too.........


  1. I just love the hair ruffling . . . that is so sweet! And many congratulations on welcoming Lauren into your church family -- what a special occasion!

  2. I LOVE the interactions between Lauren and her brother!!! What a blessed day! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. What a special day for your family! Thanks for sharing your updates.

  4. What a happy day :) Just love!

  5. Okay, that ruffling of the hair is just too cute. And I love how forgiving she is. We are in a series right now about God's grace....and I just love your example of Lauren giving grace.

    Congratulations on her baptism. The pic's are beautiful. (And I love your boots by the least what I can see of them.) :)

    And it's Meredith, not Sarah....but I'm too tired and too lazy to sign out of her google account.