Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dossier is off to our agency!!

Today I will be putting our dossier in the mail to our agency.  I can't believe it is finally complete.  All the copying, stapling, sorting, ordering, waiting, running from place to place to get authentications, etc... will be behind us!  It feels so good to have completed this step.  Now our next focus in the service plan, which we've been working on ...but it will take some time... and we have a deadline for that one - mid-May, so we'll be reading more, working on our strategies, and writing our plans. 

We're still waiting for word from our doctor on the medical review.  We're hoping to hear something on that very soon.... to close that loop and move to the next step on our referral. 

So as I sit in the office in the dark this morning and look out my window with a beautiful flowering pear tree in my view, I know God is a creator of all things lovely and good.  He loves us so very much....and knows all things.... He has a plan for us, and it is may have struggles, but those are good too...because ultimately struggle leads us to His arms...and THAT is always good and beautiful. We are thanking God, for who He is.

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