Friday, July 20, 2012

In a panic ....calling all prayer warriors

Hey gals -- I have some preliminary news .... and I'm not sure it's good.... please pray.

I woke up this morning to an email from NDBox Adoptions -- for those of you that have went through the process, you know this email must be from the US Embassy in New Delhi. This is how they communicate the Article 5 with PAPs.  Well this email said, "We are following up regarding the adoption case of Anjali. We issued the Article 5 letter on July 13, 2011. As we have not heard from you since the issuance of Article 5 letter, we are writing to inquire about the status of this adoption."  My first thought before reading the email was...yea, we got her passport - but that was when I just saw the NDBox adoption.... when I actually read the email.... it was panic.  Here are the challenges:

1.) Our head leader at our agency is on vacation - until Monday.
2.) I'm not sure if her assistant has authority to talk to Bal Asha or work on this today - seems some activities are reserved for the leader's handling.
3.) Our travel VISA expires in September -- so I am just sick with worry that something will happen with bad timing and we won't be able to get Lauren soon.
4.) Did our paperwork get lost in the shuffle?
5.) Is this perhaps a mix up on their part - and it can be easily resolved?

Ladies, please pray this gets resolved quickly -- and perhaps we get priority processing when paperwork is found.  When I shared this with Brad this morning his exact words were this, "I prayed about this during my quiet time last week and God told me we would get news soon, but we wouldn't like it".... of course my response was why didn't you tell me God told you this....and of course began crying...... his response, "and get you in a tizzy for who knows how long until we heard news???? (my husband does know me well)   We don't like this news, but this could actually be good for us, because we now may get it resolved completely. God is at work in this, so I'm confident it will work out."    He is so good, so calm, so patient...... and quite frankly, I'm just not.  I think early on in this process .... like perhaps 1 year to 18 months ago, I was patient, calm, and good....but seriously the last 4-6 months have been tough.  I am soooo ready to have Lauren home and life with her begin. 

At this point, I've given up on having her home before school starts for Joshua.... it just doesn't seem possible at this point.  I know with God anything is possible .... but I'm just not sure it's in the plans, so I submit to the process and timing....and just pray it's before our VISA expires.  Calling all prayer warriors -- you service is needed :)

p.s. - if you are wondering about Joshua - he's doing great at Grandmas -- busy with activities, having fun.... I don't think missing us ...yet :)  Brad and I are missing him like crazy, but enjoying our time together.


  1. Oh Renae, I will be praying! I do actually think that it could be good news, because it seems that the issue could be resolved and that your paperwork really might be put at the top of the pile (so to speak). But, I am so sorry that this additional worry has come up.

  2. You know we are praying like crazy Renae!!!! Praying that this will end up being good news in the end and that Lauren will be in your arms soon!!!!!!

  3. Renae, I do think that this will prompt your orphanage to follow up intensely on her passport paperwork and hopefully give it priority. The embassy following up is a good thing... shows that they are top of things on their end. I will be praying for you so that she will be home soon, just the way the Lord has planned.

  4. OH, Renae....I am praying. And I agree with Sarah, this could really expedite things now....that is absolutely what I'll be praying. Wish I could give you a hug....

  5. Renae I am PRAYING for you!!! I am praying for God's almighty hand to be all over this and I'm praying for peace and trust for you. God LOVES sweet Lauren and it is HIS battle. He will win for her!!! Love and hugs to you. Thank you for sharing so that others can gather around you in prayer, for as you know, when two or more are gathered in Jesus' name, let it be done!!!

  6. The information you've heard is the same thing I've heard -- different states/regions have different times for court dates, etc. I am praying that you hear good news soon, and that the teary phase is replaced by rejoicing and travel!

  7. Praying, praying for your sweet girl... and you.
    Please let us know what you find out...

  8. Renae they are Probally just checking on where you are in the adoption process since it had been a year since your article 5 letter.. I think yo will get good news soon!

  9. Hoping that this will be a blessing in disguise and prompt them to get things figured out for you!! Lots of luck. I will keep you in my thoughts!

  10. Thinking about you guys (and praying!) for you all the time!