Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little news on passport status

Just a quick update...... passport still not issued; however, we did hear from our agency.  Apparently passports are taking around 2 to 2 1/2 months to be issued (not sure if that is just our region, or all over)..... which should put us somewhere in mid to late July as being received..... I don't know all the steps for this to happen.  But we were told it has passed the "investigative" stage which "takes the longest"... which I don't know what that means, but we continue to trust in the Lord for His perfect timing...our lives are in His hands. 

One thing we've done through this entire process is..... let the process take its course.  We haven't researched or dug in to every single fine tune detail of the stages of processing..... with my personality, if I did this.... I'd be crazy by now.  So we are kept current on the BIG steps.... and leave all the fine details to the powers that be :)

On another note - we went to Holiday World yesterday in about 100 degree weather!  We are crazy!  It was packed, but Joshua LOVED every minute.  Brad and Joshua were two peas in a pod riding rides, going down water slides.... lovin' it all despite the heat.  Some other friends were there with it was a great time, although coordinating alot of people in this type of outing can have its challenges :)  On the topic of heat... we are certainly getting prepared for that India heat these's just downright HOT here in KY.  Praying for relief around the world..... a friend of a friend is in India right now and said it was 120 degrees..... yikes!  Along with those passport prayers how about toss in a prayer for God's perfect timing for our travel to be accompanied by a nice "cool front" and in India :) ??

Holiday World Pics belows -- take note -- it's our THIRD time there -- I think someone is counting :)

Joshua and his friend Trey in the canoe - Trey is in front :)  - These boys love each other --- and even kindof look alike :)

Joshua driving antique car - we have to do all the things we did the first time when here -- and the second time too :) -- this is Third time at Holiday World -- can you tell??

Raging Rapids is fun -- even mommy did this one.  It's a ride that simulates like white water rapids.  Yep - I got drenched! But with the heat, who cares??  Oh course Joshua is still posing with his "third" time at Holiday World.... is this kid 6 or 16?

The next needs an explanation.  There is a large slide (actually there are many large slides.... which my guys went on most of them  :) -- But this one is named Bakuli.  Brad and Joshua have fondly named it "the toilet"....because it goes down and around and drops off at the end.  It's been called "the toilet" since the very first trip.  Here is the exit point.....

Here is the entrance point..... yep those are stairs and if you have GREAT might be able to see a tall man in a white shirt and a little boy looking over the stair railing right below the purple flag about mid way in the line.  Brad is facing the other way and the purple flag pole is a line RIGHT to him.... Joshua is along the rail looking out.

And did I mention ....this slide starts really high up?? Here are the middle turns of the slide and at the bottom you can see a bit of the exit.  Better picutes may be found at:

I finally found a seat and quit taking pictures..... basically the day was filled with many more of this...some time in the "Wave pool" which is just like the ocean .... some icecream, LOTS of water...... and we closed it out with a trip to the bumper not the greatest, these were some quick cars :)  This was full of about 15 other cars, but I try not to put strangers in my pictures online.... so let's say most of it was a real traffic jam :)

Joshua can't wait for the day that Lauren can come here..... but we've already told him.... you give her time to adjust.  It's a packed place with alot of activity.... I don't see this happening with her for a few years.  There is a real cute toddler area though that I think she would love.... see below - most pictures are not a close up of people so I guess this is ok.  This might be where little miss could hang out all day with mommy, while the boys go seek their adventure???  Who knows??

Until then ..... I wonder who is counting the days until next time??


  1. Oh Renae, I'm praying for that passport soon, soon, soon! I am glad to hear that you're past the longest part.

  2. Hee hee....I am counting your times there, too. :) So glad you had such a great time. And how wonderful to hear a little news on your passport. Woohoo! :)

  3. I'm kind of with you -- I try not to learn *too* many details, aside from the basics of how the process works. I love the enthusiastic three-fingers picture -- so cute! You are a brave momma for venturing out to a theme park when it's so hot!