Sunday, July 15, 2012

No News....and trip to Grandma's

Still no news on adoption front.... we are patiently waiting.  Joshua has started praying every night for Lauren's passport and news that she can come home.  It's really sweet.  He too wants to spend time with her before he goes to school in a few short weeks. 

Meanwhile, Joshua is taking an adventure up to Grandma's house -- about 9 hours away!  Tuesday, I'm meeting them 1/2 way and he will be with Grandma and Papa for a week!  (At least that's the plan as it is now, he may decide to come home Saturday).  He's never been up there without us, so he's just not sure.  They have plans to swim, horseback ride, play trains downstairs on Papa's LARGE train layout, and maybe even take a ride in Papa's airplane.  I'm trusting God for all things during this trip and his total safety.  I'm kindof a worrier.... if you haven't noticed or don't know me all that well.  I plan for all contingencies ... and, ok, I worry.  I don't swim well, so water outings make me nervous.  But Joshua has become quite the good swimmer - so that gives me great confidence.  The horses make me a bit anxious, but I know the girls (Joshua's cousins) and Aunt Betsy will be very careful.  Trains downstairs are harmless.... and the airplane is very safe -- and Papa is a crazy safety man, so I'm sure he will do ALL his checks....and the ride is probably a short one.....but if like last time, Joshua might just prefer to "taxi" around the hangers and not actually go in the air (which would be totally fine with me!). 

Someone told me one time when Joshua was about 1-2 years old, and I worried endlessly..... "Joshua is a child of God - he's really the property of God, God has just decided to allow YOU to raise him.... his plan in life is largely set and he's protected by our Great Protector..... so trust in Him and cast your fears aside... He's big enough to handle all these things."

Sometimes, don't you just love your kids so much it hurts?  I am SOOO thankful for my faith to carry me through for upcoming weeks such as these :)  --- and I know Joshua, once there and settled will have a GREAT time.  I'm missing him already :)


  1. I hope that he has a wonderful time! Try to enjoy some time with Brad before Lauren comes home.

  2. Joshua is having a fun summer! You and Brad should go on a date or so something adventurous while you have the time :)

    I know how you feel with the worrying, am the same way! Joshua will have a great time though. Hope you hear some news about Lauren soon!

  3. My boys went to sleep-away camp for 5 nights together last summer . . . and I did worry! One of our sons has food allergies, so that was fuel for worrying too! Trusting other adults to care for them was very difficult -- but I also have a good friend who reminds me that God loves them even more than I do. Hope he has a blast, and that you and Brad have some precious alone time before being parents of TWO!

  4. Oh, I hope Joshua has so much fun. I could see why he's not totally sure about staying....and I also totally understand the "worry" on your part. Although, I'm quite impressed the plane ride doesn't worry you...that would freak me right out. :) And I SO AGREE with Sarah....enjoy Brad. Go out to a movie together....just enjoy each might be a while before you get that alone time again. :)