Friday, July 20, 2012

Update on NDBox Adoption email

Got good news.... I think, for now.... apparently, the US Embassy periodically checks on cases that are "old" to ensure the family is still in the process and make sure the family hasn't be denied for an adoption or some other issue occurred that would require them to "close out" a file.  Since our file is taking so long, I guess it hit the timeframe where the email was generated. 

Honestly, I think I read this so quickly, I thought it was related to our passport paperwork -- but this is actually the VISA unit.  (which I guess are separate).  JOH rep shared this is nothing to worry about, that she's had several families with this email come through.  I do think this will certainly prompt Lisa to check into our file when she returns from vacation on Monday....praying this is a blessing after all. 

But this causes me to wonder... is there other news that "we are not going to like" - the message Brad got during his prayer time, recall.  Brad's prayer life is rich and vibrant -- and has led our family down some amazing paths .... times of waiting, and times of "going"..... so I trust in his relationship with the Lord and will wait patiently for the next news.  I treasure each of your prayers!


  1. Hope the "bad news" was just your time of worry. Praying that things move along quickly!

  2. Praise God that that everything should be okay...
    Saying a prayer that L will call on Monday with some more good news...

  3. Oh, I'm so glad that you got this straightened out. I've been wondering all day...

  4. So happy to hear that there weren't more road blocks to Lauren! Praying the rest is a smooth journey!!!

  5. Thank God for our agency people, who have seen more cases and can sort out all the steps and paperwork! Hoping and praying the rest goes smoothly.

  6. Oh, what a relief....what a relief... Praying for you, dear friend.