Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Complexity of God's Creation

Just a short note to share -- how I stand in awe of the complexity of God's creation of humanity.  We were created to be held and loved eye to eye with a momma (God's design was breast feeding, so you get my point here of saying momma and not daddy :) )-- we were created to explore and process our senses with the loving comfort of our parent -- we were created for connection -- one-on-one engagement and connection -- we were created to crawl, because our brain grows and develops a certain way when we crawl--and our neck muscles and arms and upper body muscles grow and get stronger from crawling just in time so our "core / trunk" can support our body just in time for us to walk.  Isn't all this interesting???

So we can understand when a child is raised in an orphanage from an infant - it is very easy to understand how certain things may not be developed the most effective way, due to overcrowded care, or lack of crawling.  (Even in the most effective, loving, wonderful orphanages....this can happen).  We are created for family....and living and learning life together.  I am ever thankful for research and study of child development that will help us catch our little one up.  She's doing great -- and once we figured out OT a bit -- what "sensory seeking" looks like -- and how WE can help provide inputs .... once you figure this out folks, life gets sooooo much easier :)  At a later day, I'll post some techniques and tips.

On another topic: tried our childcare/ preschool last week.  Things had changed a bit since we first reserved our spot --- anyway, Anjali would be with 23 kids (and two teachers!!).... I just knew in my gut that this place didn't feel right.  So I've been on a mad dash to research other places.  Well today, we went to a very special place.  It's called Lexington Hearing and Speech Center -- and they have a preschool.  It was amazing.  Some kids have hearing and speech delays, but not all children have a special need.  The ratios are low and teacher engagement is very high -- rooms are really engaging, and surprisingly calm.  I think when the teacher is "present" it makes kids so very happy!!  So we are waiting to hear what spot they might have for us....some kiddos are shuffling around a bit - but I think Anjali may actually be with the preschoolers -- her little brain was just ticking along in that class room -- they also have a sensory birdseed bin, a child's computer, and all kinds of other things.  I asked her when we left, "did Anjali liked her school and have fun??" and I got a quick yes nod of the head :)  And at one point, she waved to me goodbye while she played in the preschool class and blew me a kiss.  This makes me so happy. So I guess here -- we are just plugging along through life.

Tonight she's at her small group at church -- she seems to be really doing well....and when she gets home, I'm sure she's gonna run to me to be picked up ....and guess what, momma has some rice made up for her nighttime snack.    God is so very good.


  1. You are doing such a great job with your little angel. What a blessing you are to one another!

  2. I am looking forward to hearing your tips in the future -- I love how you don't just try to squash her into a mold, but are really thinking through what she's missed. Hope a spot at the school opens up!

  3. Awww, Renae, so happy to read this. I'm sure she will do well. How wonderful that you point our the wonders of God's creation. How amazing!