Friday, October 26, 2012

Confirmation we are on the right path

So, since taking Lauren to preschool, it has been really hard for me.  When I drop her off she cries..... I need people in my life to be happy.  So this is killing me.... EVERYONE tells me, this is normal, and actually good because it shows she is bonded to me.  (I know Joshua cried when he went to daycare - but it's been a very long time ago and it's hard for me to remember all those feelings)..... I know they all get used to the separation, but still it's hard...and you always wonder, are we doing anything to harm her??  So far she's been 4 days.... well today, she barely cried any length of time at all... each day I stand in the hall to hear how long she cries.  I know they would call me if she is having a hard time settling down.... but still it is great to hear yourself that she has stopped crying.  She's really taken to Ms. Anna, so when I dropped her off today and Ms. Anna took her from me.... she fussed and cried, but really just for a moment.  I was so happy. 

This allowed me and Joshua to have our own day together -- his school was closed for parent-teacher meetings.  He received a great report from his teacher.... and we went bike riding, and played putt-putt golf.  It was a great day.

So when we came to pick up Lauren..... she was in such a great mood!  And she jabbered ALL the way home.  I also got great stories from her teacher of how she's connecting with the other children.  She sits and participates during circle time and they even made no-bake pumpkin cookies yesterday and got to eat them today....she LOVED both days (cooking and then eating the rewards too!). 

So for now, my heart is at peace knowing we are doing the right thing.  I can't wait until she has a great big long list of english words!  We are so very proud of her!!  She's pretty cute carrying her backpack too!!  Battery charger is on order -- hope to get next week :)


  1. Oh, I'm so glad she's adjusting so quickly -- it really tears at your heart to hear those cries! Hope it keeps going well for her. :o)

  2. So glad she is doing so well! And you are doing so well. :o) And how special you had that time with Joshua. That was probably SO wonderful for both of you.

  3. Can't wait to see that backpack photo! :)