Monday, October 1, 2012

India journal writings - Sept. 10, 2012

Monday – September 10, 2012-

Got up early – had breakfast in the restaurant and waited for Madu to come to pick us up.
Breakfast pics on US Embassy Day !  I love the Soffit mango soy drink!

I try really hard and taste everything he offers - but some stuff is better than others - I don't think I like the "pork and beans". 

Back to the egg omelette - love that.

We have to go back to the medical clinic and have Anjali’s arm looked at for her TB test and then we are off to the US Embassy for the VISA interview and application for Anjali’s VISA. The medical went fine – although it was a long wait for the paperwork. We waited along with dozens of other families all there for various reasons. Anjali was taken by the other children in the room and kept entertained merely by watching them – some acted quite silly trying to pass the time, a sibling set teased each other and Anjali laughed at them. Everyone was admiring Anjali, of course, this quiet sweet little girl who doesn’t leave too far from her momma. We got to the US Embassy right before they closed for lunch. We were lucky because no one was there – well may about 3 other families. Madu said sometimes all the windows are full of people – so we arrived at a good time. No problems there – just a few questions (how was our adoption experience, do we have any complaints, who was our agency, what will we name our daughter when we get to the states, etc.) and then they told us that they were issuing Anjali’s VISA but that we would have to come pick it up the next day. Madu explained that at some times the supervisor that has to sign some documents isn’t available or something like that. They try to issue the VISA on the same day if they can – but if not possible, you pick it up the next day.

We walked outside and Madu called the driver. There is NO parking outside of the embassy – so you have to call for your driver to return – I guess he parks somewhere offsite. Anyway, while waiting for her driver to return Madu said, “well Brad, you’ll need to come pick this up tomorrow and Renae and the baby can stay at the hotel, they don’t need to come – it’s no big deal, just come over first thing in the morning. The hotel can arrange a driver.” Then after brief pause she said, “but how will you call driver when done to pick up?”…… See there is no parking along the street at the embassy - parking is off a ways and the driver would not just continue to circle until Brad came out – he could be just a few minutes, or perhaps may be over an hour. Then Madu said, “just get a one-way driver from hotel to get here and then catch a taxi for ride back….and you see these “autos” keep circling too – so there will be no problem getting a ride back to the hotel.” As we stood waiting at the corner for her driver (the one she called, because she had a cell phone!!)…. a 3-wheeler "auto" rickshaw came by to see if we needed a ride and all Brad could do is smile and all I thought of was two thing: 1. Why oh why didn't we bring a phone or go forward with getting a local phone and 2. My husband is going to be in the news for ransom from an Indian rickshaw driver!!!

So you all know me as a worrier- actually a recovery worrier post max lucado's book Fearless. However, Brad loves adventure and so he is thrilled to be able to go pick up Anjali's visa tomorrow for our family, especially if he gets to return to the hotel in rickshaw. The streets of India are REALLY nuts... but all I could think is" you have to let him do this for your family." I prayed about it and felt a peace and agreed to “let him go alone”… despite my fears. He had to agree to take a hotel business card with him with the mall names written on the back – just in case the driver wasn’t familiar with the hotel. These malls are very well known by everyone.

Meanwhile, tonight we had dinner with Meena, Colleen, and Linda at Big Chill at the mall. It was GREAT! Loved it – had ravioli – really good. They have more like American food – really good taste of home. We also did a bit of shopping and found a really neat children’s Bible with ethnically accurate drawings of the people – and we also bought a book about an elephant. :)
The end of the rickshaw story will be tomorrow…..stay tuned.

Daily trip must haves:
A cell phone :)
Food and drink for kiddo to have during the long waits

Daily lessons:
Sometimes the things you don’t have turn into the greatest blessing…. :)


  1. What an adventure! Love love love the pictures of Anjali and Brad. Both of their smiles are GREAT. :)

  2. What a great resource your blog is... I read your blog religiously, and read this post as well. Today I had a question about the timings of the interviews and the visa pick ups, and I came back to read this. It helped me figure some things out. Great resource.