Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trip Home must have

Forgot one thing for the trip home must haves ....

My friend Nikki recommended lap pads for the trip home.... that was a great tip!!  We took a waterproof lap pad with us and Anjali allowed us to change her diaper ...right there in the seats.  We didn't care what others may have thought :)  We tried our best to use a blanket to cover her up -- and when it was dark - no big deal.  But the lap pad was great to use while at the hotel too....or out during our travels, etc....because it "signals" to the child it's time for a diaper change.  So by the time we got on the plane for our trip home, she knew what the "lap pad" meant for her :)  ...also, the waterproof lap pad will protect you in case your child does sleep and leaks through a diaper. 

Also, you may have noticed the scarf I had on in the pictures from the previous post -- just a cotton plain scarf.  That was actually quite helpful to wipe those tears during the trip home.... I didn't care what condition it was in when we got home....and let's say after those long hours - it was quite damp - but was a nice way to keep myself somewhat dry - and to have a cloth handy at all times.  Just a thought. ...Plus it dressed up a plain grey t-shirt -- because all other clothes were dirty :).  I can also see the scarf being something that could keep out some of the light for your the event they do sleep :)

We also took dumb dumb suckers for the flight when our ears were popping.  I heard other people ask for cotton for the ears - I'd check into that. 

Some have asked .... our flight was United Airlines from New Delhi to Newark -- nonstop and was about 15 hours.  We really liked the fact we didn't have a layover in Europe.  We took off around 10 pm at night, hoping we could all sleep the majority of that flight to the US...... ha, ha, ha.... no such luck for us...but maybe would be for you. 

As far as jet lag -- it was interesting... we were tired when we got home, but it was weird.  It didn't seem like any of our "clocks" were off with the time zone difference.  We just kept to our same routine and everyone was able to sleep as usual. Brad and I didn't feel our best for a few days when we returned, but we still could sleep at our normal times.

As I think of other things... I'll post. I can't wait for the day when one of you get to travel :)


  1. Oh, love that you added more. What great tips. I cannot wait until I travel....I will DEFINITELY be re-reading your posts.

  2. Good advice! We're thinking of doing the Delhi to Chicago direct flight next time to avoid layover hours. I like the sucker idea better than sippy cup or bottles -- it doesn't leave them with a bellyful of liquids if they have motion sickness. :o)