Tuesday, October 2, 2012

India journal writings - Sept. 11,2012

Tuesday – September 11, 2012

So I woke up this morning at 1:00 am with a wonderful verse on my heart.  Joshua 1:9   "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  This is a very special verse - because we decided before Joshua was born (and when we thought he would have Downs Syndrome) that he needed a strong name with a strong verse behind it....so we named him Joshua - and this is his life verse.  Even though he was born with no chromosome abnormalities - we strongly believe this verse will serve his life well :) 

So today, when I woke up and had this verse come to mind -- I felt great joy and love from the Lord. 

My Brad was going to be out on an adventure for our family.  You have to understand me a bit to know HOW big this really was..... when Brad and I travel, especially internationally .... I don't let him out of my sight.  We wait for each other outside of bathroom doors at the airports and we don't leave each other without specifically telling the other where we are going at the airports.  We don't travel out for dinner alone - even if just to pick it up for the other in places like Nairobi, etc.  I need him by me.... he's my security.  He on the other hand is the adventure guy -- ever faithful in his trust that the Lord will take care of him -- ever trusting of others.....me, well I falter in this area :)  So for me to say, "ok, go get that VISA - we'll wait at the hotel for you" --- is HUGE!  But not today.... my Lord, in His loving and gentle and gracious way gave me a message and it was LOUD and clear --- "I've got your back on this one!!".... So this morning when Brad wakes he will certainly pray - we will pray together - and he will venture off to the US Embassy, alone....it's about 30 to 45 minutes away, depending on traffic.

The Lord told me -- "I'm with him." - so I choose to visualize Jesus' robe flapping in the wind next to Brad in a 3-wheeler "auto" rickshaw.   Set those fears aside and allow Jesus to be his co- pilot on this one!! So today, I'm seeing Brad and J.C. whipping through the India traffic this morning together - both with smiles of God's goodness. :)
So off he went and we waited.  About 2 hours later - we were waiting in the lobby - because I wanted a picture of Brad arriving in the rickshaw -- and he walks up the sidewalk --- beaming, I might add.  I said, "hey, where's the rickshaw" ... he was like, "he had to drop me off at the corner".... I was bumming because we didn't get a picture.  But he didn't mind -- he could not wait to tell me this story.....(p.s. - we actually paid this guy 300 rupees for us to just take a picture of Brad in his rickshaw the next day -- we need this memory in pictures :) ) - I think he thought we were a bit crazy to pay him to take a picture of his "auto".

He thinks we are crazy - paying to take his picture!  You can see he has the "elephant God" card on his dash. 

So Brad continued his story.... "You are not going to believe it -- that was soooo cool!!"  "The wind flapping -- it wasn't hot at all -- this was one of the high lights of my trip!!" .... hmmmm I was like, "really".... and then he said something that made my heart sing...he said, "and guess what???  My driver was a Christian!!"...I was like, "REALLY, how do you know???" he goes, "he had a picture of Jesus and also a picture of the cross on his dash!!!!"  I was like, "no way!!".... He replied, "yep it's true".... his face enlightened so much with the love of the Lord - and thrilled to have taken this drive with him!  I could not believe it!!!

(India's Christian population is about 2% of overall population in India)....so you can see why we were totally and utterly taken in awe of the graciousness and love of our Lord - who we believe sent one of His followers to pick up Brad just for this very story!)... to praise His name and bring Him glory ... I still stand in amazement of this turn of events.  He's alive ya, and He's wanting a relationship with YOU!)

So after such an incredible morning - we took a deep breath because we realize that all our paperwork is finally DONE! The remaining time in India is for bonding, relaxing, and shopping!  So off we went to one of the markets and found some great gifts and a few things for little miss.  A friend had a great idea to get a table cloth for her daughter's wedding day -- from India - so we loved the idea and got one for our little miss.  The material and embroidery is beautiful!  We finished our shopping and headed back to the hotel.  We had dinner at the mall and went to this play area to see if Anjali was interested in playground fun. She wasn't sure -- but later warmed up to the idea -- (and now at home she LOVES outdoors and playing on the playset).  What a great day!  (I'll post a picture later of the table cloth :))

Daily trip must haves:

Faith :)
Small change for gift buying :)

Daily lessons:
Our Lord continues to amaze after all these years :)  -- ever faithful, unchanging -- Praise you Jesus!


  1. I love it when impossible odds let you know that God is moving on your behalf! This story is so great!

  2. That is great that you paid the guy to take a picture in the rickshaw. Love it. And I love the story. God is OH SO FAITHFUL. :)

  3. I love the mental image of Jesus' robe flapping in the wind on the rickshaw! It makes me smile. The Lord is SO VERY FAITHFUL to His children. I loved hearing your story of that as I look back to the times I have seen the Lord at work in my life. When we go to India we want to get our girls a lot of Indian gold jewelry to wear as they are growing up.

  4. LOVE your posts. So amazing to see God at work even in such seemingly little ways. It always gives me goosebumps. We are still waiting to travel to get our little one so your posts are like little crumbs on the trail for me. My face lights up whenever I spot a new one. I'm taking notes on your must haves for the trip too. No pressure though... :)