Sunday, March 6, 2011

Counting the Days

Ok, so I've been VERY patient.  I haven't followed up on a calendar, haven't followed other blogs, haven't contacted Homeland Security, and haven't been emailing our agency every day saying, "when do we get our referral"...but I MUST admit, I am getting a little anxious these last few days and now I just want to see her little face and know all about her!  We are currently waiting for our I800-A pre-approval from Homeland Security... and also the agency to call us to discuss referrals.  We know we are not really "entitled" to the referral discussion just yet - until the I800-A letter comes back....but our agency contact suggested the referral person would be calling us last week....and I know she's really busy...and we didn't hear from her... so now the anticipation is starting to set in!  :)  It's like she's already a part of us and we don't even know her!  So we wait....... (I think putting the timeline together for the blog last night also was not the greatest idea)... out of sight out of mind... now seeing it on paper...puts into reality that we are nearing some really amazing milestones!  Up until this point, I've been too hesitant to focus on the waiting too much, because I knew we were just going to have to settle down into a long time of wait and didn't want to make myself too crazy...but I think the time is here... Crazy for you Miss Lauren, already. 

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