Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wait....oh, hurry!

As we work on our Dossier we find out that we believe the children being considered for our match are needing a pre-approval from India.  This means, they need Dossier documents.... oh, no...we've been working on them, but not a lightening speed, until now.  Once we found out our referral might come quicker if we have our Dossier done, well, that changes we've been going like crazy getting documents done.  We are still very excited and hopeful that she might be home before Christmas.  In looking at our timeline, it doesen't seem like we've been at this for very long, nothing compared to some families that wait for their children for 4+ years.  So we're patient and hopeful... and in a hurry to get this Dossier off our plate :) 

Brad's parents are visiting this weekend on their return trip from Florida.  It's great to see them and take our mind off of this a bit....although she's always on our mind, we want her home so badly.  But having visitors is always fun.... and also having our Kentucky Wildcats win is good too.... like today, going to sweet sixteen in the NCAA tournament.  We certainly have many distractions.... but our heart remains fixed upon Miss Lauren....who is likely waiting in India right now!

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