Wednesday, March 23, 2011

County Clerk's office hopping

Well, this paperwork thing is taking it's toll.... got all our documents notarized.. and now we have to get them certified at the county clerk's office where the notary took their oath...BEFORE we can go to the Sec. of State for the Apostilles. Isn't this crazy?  Well, of course thinking I could take one document to Franklin Co. Clerk..only to find the notary took their oath in Woodford County... it's just a hit or miss since the Sec. of State's office told me I had to get them certified in the county, "because they don't have a database"...but yet.. Franklin Co. tells me you can see which County a notary took their oath..."on the Sec. of State's website".... ARG!!  are you kidding me?  This process is really hard, and I'm getting discouraged....but then I focus on our little girl there waiting in India and I just want to bring her home and start caring for her, loving her, having her here with us as a family...... then I sleep and rise to another day of adoption paperwork with a smile.  Dear Jesus, keep me going.....she's worth it! 

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