Saturday, March 26, 2011

Referral Day

Yesterday (March 25, 2010) Lisa called us in a 3-way call with Brad and I to discuss our referral.  We were SOOO excited to hear about our potential little girl.  She is absolutely perfect for us....although we will have a doctor review her medical report, so we're trying to be a little "low key" until we officially accept this referral... but we do think she's amazing already...and we already love her.  I love reading about her and getting to know her likes and dislikes.  This orphanage does a very thorough child study it's awesome to get to know her.  She likes to be held, and is very social - seems she's quite attached to her care givers, so that is a great sign that she will attach to us, which clearly is every parent's desire.  She's 18 months, with a birthday 4 days before Brad's - we can already see the birthday celebration together as a family.  At this point we're not sharing her picture or information with Joshua, because we don't think he would understand the idea of having a medical review, before we officially say "yes" and accept the referral.  Our agency really wants all that looked over by a doctor, which we understand and for now, we're keeping it a secret and hoping to get the doctor's review asap.  But in our heart of hearts we feel she is a perfect match for us and we thank God for such a blessed child.   The only downer is that it is anticipated that we will travel in 10 months to get her....that's going to be a VERY LONG 10 months, although Brad has reminded me that this estimate is the orphanages, the judges, the agencies, and India's timeline...but might NOT necessarily be God's timeline.  Pray he's right and God makes a way for her to come home sooner....we turn it all to him and know that His plans are always better than ours and He has a purpose, so we fully submit to him and whatever it takes (even if it's longer for some reason...he's in control).  ~Renae 

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