Monday, March 7, 2011

I800-A Approval!! We're on our way!

Tonight after a busy day at work, then picking up Joshua from after school - I casually went to the mailbox and RIGHT ON TOP.... was an envelope from Homeland Security!  I ripped it open as I walked up the driveway..... it was our I800-A Homeland Security approval to move to the next step in our adoption.  Then I had to wait 30 minutes until Brad got home, before I could tell anyone :) ..... bursting, I say...bursting!  We are so excited...the intensity is building and we can't wait!  With this letter, we are officially eligible to receive a referral from our adoption agency! (We just can't wait to see a picture and know more about our little girl...(or sibling set) if that's what God has in order for us). We are so thankful to God for our blessings... and our challenges.. they both remind us to rely more on Him and less on ourselves.  Signing off with patience knowing He has her (and us) right in the palm of His mighty hand.  :)

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