Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joshua's First Day of Kindergarten

J-man had a great first day of all day school. Last year he went to the same school for transitional kindergarten - for 1/2 day -- so this year - first day was a breeze. He loved it... although he did say when I picked him up and asked how was your day...his reply, "rules, rules, rules"... favorite part of the day..."recess outside".... I guess he's normal :) We have such a great, loving, Christian school.... it is fabulous and doesn't lack one bit in educational content. We are blessed that he loves to learn. See pics of our big boy.
He loves his Superman lunch box.

Yep backpack is as big as he is.... I love that he and little "Lauren" will be at the same school together one day... I'm sure he will show her the ropes....look out for her... and protect her :)


  1. Oh, he is so cute!!! I am glad his first day went well.

    And yes, my little one's favorite part of the day is recess too!

  2. Meridith-
    Thanks :)
    Hope you got my comment on previous post about books and Purvis.
    Take care-