Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little heart longing for his sister

Joshua amazes me sometimes...... how he shows signs of really longing for his little sister to be home .... of course we've been getting Lauren's room ready -- and along the way, buying toddler toys (or getting out some of his old ones that had been stored away)... so of course he wants to play in her room -- but next, he alphabetizes her books on her shelf... and runs across a lullaby CD... brings in the small CD player into her room and proceeds to "listen to some nice baby music".... as he's playing and organizing. I too am working in her room, along with daddy helping sort books... while Joshua is humming along to the lullaby music. Really a great moment, just our family working in our little girl's future room. On other days he practices made up stories with the Little People airplane, school bus, and dollhouse.. of stories he plans to tell "Lauren". It's such an interesting thing... he doesn't ask all the time, "when will Lauren be home", but I know he's always thinking about her - just like we are... it's different than going on vacation and saying, "are we there yet"... or "when is christmas"...or "how many days until my birthday"... this is a different kind of quiet anticipation that we all feel... and this little "almost" 6 year old is right there with us.. quietly waiting. At the moment... praying for NOC in next 30 days :) ~Renae

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