Saturday, August 27, 2011

Longing for Lauren

I am longing, longing, longing for little "Lauren". The waiting is hard, and we're so ready to have her home. How big will she be, what will she be like, will she like our food, how will that LONG plane ride be, should I bring winter or summer clothes, will she cry and cry for her care givers? There are so many things unknown..... and the wait is so very hard.

We saw a Chinese little girl today....tiny, weighs 22 lbs, and wears 18 month clothes (with the back of the pants pinned together):) .... don't recall her exact age, but she's tiny for her age. She was running around this fabric store as cute as can be. It makes me think that all the clothes I have for Lauren are going to be huge for her -- I have very few 12 months clothes, mostly start at 18 months...but that's all in summer clothes.... her winter stuff is mostly 24 months and 2T (if we get her in January.... someone is going to have to do some fast shopping while we're gone, (if she smaller than 24 months in size). I'm hoping to have internet access at least once while we're on our trip - so maybe can communicate with Joshua and my mom ---I'm sure she and Joshua would love to shop for little Lauren while we're away. I'm hesitant to buy 12 month stuff now... because she might be bigger than again, we wait to see :) I can't even imagine what it will be like to be in India -- I know I have certain expectations, but really most of them I've set aside - but I'm sure things will be different than what my imagination can come up with. I know it will be a very special God-time though .... just like our time in Kenya .... we worried (well I should say "I" worried and worried).. but once on the ground in Kenya and at our guest house, it felt so right.... and our trip to the village...felt so right...our time with the children was perfect...and I knew that God has called us (Brad and I) to a very special mission for a very special moment in time.... that's the kind of special God-time that I know He has in store for us in India. Can't wait to see you .... sweet girl. :)


  1. Oh, Renae...I "feel" the longing you feel to have Lauren in your arms. I am praying every day for you, and for your family! It is a joy to join with you on this journey, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store...for surely it will be good!!!!

  2. I think the three of us ladies are in the same boat and are experiencing the same longing for our daughters. We've been waiting 5 months and even though that doesn't sound feels like we've been waiting forever. God bless both of you on your journey and I can't wait until our girls are home!!!!

    p.s. The clothes thing bothers me too...I have no idea what to buy and what to bring when we go!