Friday, August 19, 2011

New Discovery - Groovy Girls Dolls

At our church consignment sale I posted about previously, I picked up this little brown skinned soft doll -- she was cute, had what looked like a white lab coat on...and in the bag was also a stuffed parrot in a cage. Ok, I know this sounds weird, but honestly, I just thought the doll was cute, toddler safe, and I loved her brown skin, long hair (which is nearly impossible to find in dolls for children of color) I could see this being something a little girl from India would like, if not as a toddler, certainly as a little girl. Well, little did I know... I accidently discovered some of the cutest ethnic dolls made by Groovy Girls owned by Manhattan Toys...which is one of our favorite brands. These dolls celebrate diversity and everyone's unique self / style / personality. I just love the idea of this...not so sure about the "groovy" part - as I think our society is obsessed with exterior looks...but certainly the celebration and validation of diversity and who one is on the inside is worth the shout yes, I'm likin' the Groovy Girl dolls for sure. Check out their website -- and I promise if you listen to the song a few times it will become a favorite too :)

Whether our little "Lauren" wants to stand out as her own unique individual, wear bright colors, and show her own style ...or just wants to blend in and is quiet and shy.... I'm sure she'll be our little groovy girl....and we will be over the top in love with her for who she is inside and out! (And if she doesn't like dolls....there's always an upcoming Lil Lambs sale). :)

For all the groovy girl PAPs out there -- Happy Friday.


  1. Thanks for the info! It is so exciting that we get to buy dolls, and these ones look super cute! :)

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