Saturday, August 13, 2011

CARA reviews on hold for India adoptions

Another blog I follow indicated CARA is on hold for reviewing dossiers until their new procedures are put in place and worked out. When I asked our agency, they said for those currently in the process, this won't impact us. I pray that's the case. With international adoption you never know. We all so badly want our little ones home. We are at the NOC stage - so I'm hoping that is close or past the stage of where the files are being put on hold. One positive note to consider - India seems very consistent with their adoption processing - both domestic and international. Kids do come into families each year - so it really seems that they will move files as soon as they possibly can. Pray for those families with children referred and in the process, that it continues on while these changes in procedures are happening for new files. I have such a peace about this, however, because I know that God's timing is perfect - He is sovern over all the earth - and only He knows the perfect time, place, and events that will accomplish His plan. For this I am thankful that He's in the driver's seat. Have a blessed day! ~Renae

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