Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rise and Shine Little Lauren

I love having India time on our blog -- I go there just to check on the time and wonder what you're doing... little Lauren. Now it's early morning on Sunday - I wonder if the streets are busy even on Sunday there in India -- or if you find Sundays are a day of peace and quiet around the orphange.

Brad and I had a great talk about you, life, our Christian walk, and the community we are in sharing all of this together. It is wonderful having a community of people to share life with... although when you come home, Miss Lauren -- your community will be initially VERY small... everyone tells us.. no parties, no fanfare...for at least 30 days...and some say 6 months! I can't wait to have you home. Even on a day like today, where our family spent a big part of the day home, cleaning, everyone pitching in...then a fun few hours at the local "Art Fair" in the park. It was a great day... longing for you to share it with. Gotta go -- need to get to bed to be able to get up for church :)

For you, Little Lauren... I hope your Sunday is filled with laughter, fun, and even a few surprises from those around you that love and care so much for you.


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