Friday, August 17, 2012

No News is Good News...... ????

Really, whoever came up with the saying "no news is good news".  I bet it was back during the war.... if someone didn't come to your door then your loved one is probably ok.  We've used this saying for years, right?  I'm certain that whoever thought of this wonderful saying was not a PAP!

When I think of the days and nights wondering about our daughter with no news in sight .... I can't help but think of all the families in the adoption process right now....just waiting for news.....longing to move to just that next step.  My heart goes out to each of you!  Each story is a bit different....all bonded with one thing in mind to reach that child.  Each milestone is precious... and is celebrated! 

Then I think of the, doesn't that set you back on your heals??  For the kids, they likely don't get the news of each milestone.... their waiting must be excruciating.  I bet that wait changes some of them.... to the very core of who they are.  I can't really think about that -- and instead I choose to think that God sends them angels that comforts in ways we don't fully understand.  God does care and love his people, his beautiful creation.... he's faithful to us, he's faithful to these children for sure.  I pray these children hold on to the hope of a family - that they don't let that little glimmer of light burn out inside of them..... I pray they find faith.       


  1. Oh Renae, praying that you have a LOT more good news soon!

  2. I bet you are so right about how "no news is good news" got started.

    I am praying you hear "news" soon...and that it is "good."

    Love you,

  3. Praying for the little ones' precious hearts, and yours too. So sorry it is so quiet over there.

  4. Definitely praying you get that call to make your travel arrangements!!! When I got my NOC on July 31st, H told me that they were expecting a big update on everyone's files the 3rd or 4th week of August. Praying that this is the week!!!!