Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The To-Do List

Ok - so now that it's here --- what to do, what to do???

  • Book airline tickets ...... done, check
  • Pay all monthly bills in advance ...... done, check
  • Pack Lauren's bags..... LOL.... done (a LONG time ago, check)
  • Pack our bags........ not done
  • Get outlet / electricity converter .......not done
  • Call Lauren's doctor for advice on which "special" hair shampoo for little miss .......not done
  • Ask about how soon to book doctor's appointment for when we get home......not done
  • Pick up my new eyeglasses..... I want to SEE this girl loud and clear for the very first time....not done
  • Fill out FMLA paperwork......not done
  • Go through travel guide .... double, triple, quaduple check our travel paperwork..(done many times....let's do it one more time :)
  • Pick up a couple of special gifts for two very special people in India :)..... not done...but know what to get
  • Write letters to Joshua for him to open while we are gone....not done
  • Wrap little gifts for him for while we are gone....done, check
  • Go through travel meds ....start taking Malaria meds in advance.....not done
  • Download calming music on iphone....not done
  • Call phone carrier to ensure we can use phone in India -- and not rack up a bunch of charges...not done
  • Call credit card company ensure can use card internationally without fees....not done
  • Inform Joshua's teacher and school admin of our leave time and instruct to call my mom.... not done
  • Load friends phone numbers into my mom's cell phone - so she can get help with rides to school....not done
  • Tie up all lose ends at work....not done
  • Go through packing list --- charge cameras and video camera.... etc. .....not done
  • Get cash from the bank....not done
  • Get dentist appointment for Brad and Renae....not done
  • Load up on all of Joshua's snacks and lunches for school....not done
  • Catch up all Joshua's school uniform laundry, PJ laundry, and dirty socks....not done
  • Write out school schedule for Nana....not done
  • Stock up on food in the fridge
UGH - oh how I wish some of you blog girl-friends lived close to me -- only you would understand all this and raise your hand to help :) 

Nikki - what am I missing ??  LOL   - I got Anjali the current version of the gloworm today -- it's a seahorse and plays ocean music and soothing lullaby music - has various volumes... I'm thinking this might really help establish security and sleep -- prayin it so...hoping it helps in the grieving..... you guys, I can't WAIT to see this little girl smile.... I mean seriously, in every picture she's crying, frowning, or clearly afraid....... words cannot express how blessed I feel.... and yes, I know, she might not smile ...I mean really smile....for months -- I'm lowering mine own expectations.......BUT IF she smiles.... you better bet I will capture it -- and you all will be the FIRST to see it :)

Calling all prayer warriors -- and seeking any other advice on things I may need to bring that I've clearly forgot :)

p.s. -- have LOTS of food and snack for little Miss .... quite a bit of toys ....and a complete carryon - if case ALL our bags get lost :)


  1. Oh Renae I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO Stinkin' happy reading this post!!! I am definitely praying for clarity of mind that you may get everything done, that you won't feel stressed :) and most importantly I'm praying for your bonding as mother/father/daughter!!! Praying that you all are bound to the protection of the Holy Spirit!

    I've heard that stickers are good- fun and VERY lightweight !

    I can't wait to see pics of all of you together!!!! YIPEEEEE!!!

  2. Renae, I'm THRILLED to see this post... I'm so happy that you will be united with your daughter. I'm praying that everything goes well for you. I cannot wait to see you post photos pf her WITH you and Brad! It's funny how I've never met you and I feel this tremendous joy at the fulfillment that the LORD if giving you. In my prayers...

    Bubbles may be fun for the kids. I heard cheerios (from the US) are great snacks.

  3. Ahhh.....so so so excited for you, Renae. You bet I'd help you out if I was there. :) Okay, so I bookmarked this post, because I just know it will come in handy some day. I know it is for Chinese adoptions...but I still think most of it totally crosses over for any adoption. It's a list of things to take. :) Did I already give it to you a long time ago? I can't remember. http://nihaoyall.com/2012/03/your-best-china-travel-helps.html

    Okay....soooooooo happy!!!!!!

  4. Wait, wait....you forgot to put on your list, "pack Meredith."

    1. You know how I'd LOVE to have a photographer come along ;)

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  6. Oh my! It's a long list, but sooooooo fun!!

    We always pack a blow-up beach ball...very small and our newly adopted kids have always loved them.

  7. Hey, if you are packing Mer...pack me too!!!! We also brought lots of little bottles of bubbles as they were a big hit with the kids at the orphanage and with Charu in the room. We also brought a beach ball and balloons (we were very careful not to let them pop and be right with her when she played with them). LOVE the seahorse glow worm idea!!! I need your address again, because I loose things like that! I'll pick up one of those musical books for you and send it to you ASAP!!! You can put her picture in it at the end of the book and there's lights with the music...there's a video of Charu with it in India while we were there on our blog.
    We also used a special shampoo while in India to try to prevent getting lice. I'll see if we have some left and I'll send that too.
    I'll keep brainstorming!

    1. Great ideas - we did end up finding the musical book... I just need to add her little photo and we're set :)

    2. Nikki, Renae, Where did you get the musical book and what kind? What is the name of that shampoo, Nikki?

      I'm so thrilled that you are checking off your list!

  8. This list is good! :) So FUN, FUN, FUN. Yes, I can't wait to see her smile captured...sometime. :) What a wonderful thing God has in store for her... even though it may seem way scary to her at first.

    What I am wondering is how you are going to fit Mer, Nikki, and ME all in your carry-ons??? I'm thinking when word of this gets out, there will be several other girls that will want to go to. :) We need to work this out. Kris--You could just go and stay for your court date...

    1. Oh can I join you too please... I promise I'll pay for the extra baggage... LOL...

  9. So excited for you! On the practical side...ziploc bags and a mini roll of duct tape came in mighty handy. Not near as fun as toys and little clothes, but great to have in a pinch.


  10. Great ideas everyone - love the duct tape, ziploc and beach ball -- would not have thought of any of those :)