Monday, August 13, 2012

The enemy is on the prowl

Ok - at the risk of sounding really needy these days... I'm needing all of your prayers.  I'm really NOT a  hypochondriac - but it's starting to feel like it :)  ... just kidding.  So in Kentucky we have this BEAUTIFUL blue grass, right?  Well, what most may not know is that Kentucky is also known for giving about every "transplant" allergies ... it's just a matter of time.  EVERYONE gets what I've grown fond of referring to as the "Kentucky crud"  - it's the nagging cough, mucus, etc... you know the drill.  Well, I've had it now for a week...and I've just had it!  Had bacteria issue in the lungs - went to doctor and just finished a z-pac... but this nagging cough remains...... and of course, last Thursday when I got this news...took Joshua to the doctor too - because he seems to have a similar cough.  Only his doctor said, "nope - no bacteria thing - it's just allergies".... so we've used the over the counter products trying to get him some relief!

THEN today..... he was with a friend at an overnight sleep over last night - and woke up this morning WITHOUT a voice!  I had to work, so I didn't know about this.  Then they went to play tennis and apparently he couldn't breath!  (and had been coughing etc.).... so when I got him I immediately took him back to the doctor and guess what???  He has croup!  Seriously, he's never had croup.... he also has NO voice... he can barely whisper.... he doesn't feel bad necessarily - but I can tell he's not himself.  Doctor said, don't worry, this will all be gone in a few days ....ugh!

In all this drama - I think Brad is not feeling totally up to par either.  Honestly, I feel the enemy is ON THE PROWL..... He knows we are getting ready to travel and He knows I will worry about Joshua in this kind of condition while we are gone..... we are busy, my mom is closing on her house, then moving, we have beginning of school to start on Wednesday..... it's a zoo around here.... so I think the enemy is just really trying all He can to mess with me...... and I REFUSE TO ALLOW HIM THAT POWER IN MY LIFE!!!  I KNOW my LORD is going to see all this through.... we WILL all be healthy by the time we have to travel..... mom's closing and move will go as planned.... and school will get off to a great start!  I'm claiming this for our family right now and would love to have you share in this prayer against the enemy!  Our God is stronger, as Chris Tomlin this is jamming in my head!!!

Our God is greater
Our God is stronger
God, You are higher than any other
Our God is healer
Awesome in power
Our God, our God
And if our God is for us
Then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us
Then what could stand against
Then what could stand against
(credit to Chris Tomlin)
 p.s. - and I know God is in control - because we just sent off our new VISA applications today - and I'm NOT even worried about those getting returned before we have to travel..... so there, enemy!


  1. Yes....I am reminded of the Hillsong song "Shout Unto God"

    The enemy has been defeated
    And death couldn't hold you down
    We're gonna lift our voice in victory
    We're gonna make your praises loud

    The enemy has been defeated
    (shout unto god with a voice of triumph)

    I would do a whole lotta praising if I were you.... Someone at our church once said, "Praise is the weapon of choice." And I really think it is for spiritual warfare.

    Another song I just love is that one by the Newsboys that goes...."My God's not dead, He's surely alive, He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion."

    I know that song has nothing to do with adoption...but it always reminds me of it anyway. I think because all of the miraculous breakthrough things He needs to do in order to get our children home just proves to me over and over that Our God is Not DEAD!!!! He's surely alive...and He is roaring like a lion over us and over our children. Protecting us....and moving mountains for us.

    Love you, Renae....

  2. Ugh!!! Sorry you guys haven't been feeling all that least you can get all that junk out of your systems before you travel! The week we left for India, I came down with the WORST cold I've ever had! My cough was so bad that I could barely even teach! I was BEYOND miserable! I started taking a z pack and the musinex (spelling?) stuff ever...the day before we left and by the time we arrived at the orphanage my cough was almost gone!!!!!
    Prayers for good health for everyone soon!!!!

  3. I sure will pray that you will all be healthy and ready for school and travel!

  4. Jesus I crush, loose, rip apart and tear down the strongholds of every evil thing raised up against Renae and Brad completing Lauren's adoption. I bind their bodies to the healing of the Holy Spirit. I thank you that you promise that they will rise up as wings of eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and will not faint. I pray all these things in your name Jesus, at which every knee shall bow and tongue confess that YOU ARE LORD!
    I will continue to pray that you are SUPER HEALTHY and RESTED for your big trip!!! SO excited for you!!

    1. Amen, and amen in the name of JESUS. xoxo to you, Renae.

  5. Renae, I will be praying! Thanks be to God that He has defeated the enemy and we can trust in Him! I KNOW that He will be glorified through this adoption (He already has been!).

  6. You guys are great! Thanks so much. :)