Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We have a travel date!!!

Hi all -
Life is surreal with us right now..... we finally after all these months, years....have a travel date to go pick up our little girl.  For security reasons I won't post when, you can private email me :)   - but let's just say it's very exciting times for our family.  We can't wait to meet our little Anjali! 

School is into it's first full week, Joshua had his first homework (which he loved doing in the car on the way home ... I'm sure that won't last :), and mom moved into her new little house that is about 3 minutes to our house.  We are so excited and happy for her.  This house is perfect for her and we are reminded once again that God's plans for us are always better than what we imagine for ourselves.  (She missed getting several contracts on houses because of timing, logistics, etc..... but her patience and God's plan won out -- and she got the best fit for her in the end)..... we are reminded that if we wait and delay gratification until the time comes, His plans are really great and often brings us so much joy.  His love for us is abundant! 

Still dealing with this allergy, cough, etc... but Joshua is totally healthy so I'm happy about that :)  My cough seems to linger on for a bit .... welcome to the Bluegrass State :)  -- hence the reason I'm up at 3:00 am writing this post. (Plus I knew to expect a little "confirmation" email from our rep Lisa .... which she faithfully sent!!)

Off to try to sleep on the couch for a bit (so I can sit up to avoid coughing.....) ....UGH!  But who is complaining..... we have a travel date!!! Thank you so much for all your prayers....keep em coming :) Especially for our little girl's sweet tender heart and her transition. 
Love (and good night) Renae.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!! This is such exciting news!!!! I'm so happy for you, Renae! I cannot wait to see you with your little girl!

    I was up at 3:30 with allergies too. :(

  2. Yahoooo! So so so happy. :o) I am praising the Lord with you...and cannot wait to see your pictures.

  3. YYIIIPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!! RENAE!!! I'm SO happy for you!! PRAYING for all of your travel preparation to be smooth. Oh my goodness, I am giddy with joy for you! Can't wait to see pics of you with your sweet baby Anjali in your arms! Praising God for his faithfulness :)

    Kristen :)

  4. Renae, That's amazing and wonderful to hear! I'm so happy for you. I wish you a smooth travel and preparations. Can't wait to see pics of her with you in your home!

  5. Yayyyy!!!!! :D :D :D So excited for you! Praising Him with yOu!

  6. YAYAYAYAY!!! I'm so excited you got the great news!!! Many happy prayers for you all!

  7. Hooray! I just got back from camping, and during my early bedtimes (to keep my littlest company in the tent at her bedtime), I was praying for all the families I know in process -- yours included! So very excited for you!

  8. I am so very excited for you. I've been lurking on your site for the past couple of months since stumbling across it. I think I may have cried at the very least my heart skipped a few thousand beats.

    My husband have the desire and plan to adopt from India. We pray everyday for the little girl we believe God has for us. Some days I cry for her. (it's been one of those kind of weeks).

    I'd love to chat with you after you and your family and new beautiful daughter get settled into life. I understand any hesitation and the fact that I've decided to de-lurk just as you're preparing to travel.

    I'm not sure if my email will show up for you, if it doesn't you can reach my on my contact page via my site: www.prudychick.com

    God bless and again, thrilled for your family.