Friday, August 3, 2012

Perhaps the Silliest Post Yet!

Ok, so for all you that follow our families LOVE of Holiday World - you may know we went one last time for the summer on Wednesday.  So I'm sure you are waiting for the pictures and wondering, why no post yet.  With busy schedules ....not time...Well today ... sortof a funny story. 

We went to Holiday World on Wednesday - and yes, I have many fun pics... (will post another day)...We got home at 11:30 pm!  Which for this family is late...we're in bed usually around 10 pm. Dropped off one sleeping boy to the neighbor and Brad carried in his sleeping boy to his bed.  Then on Thursday morning, I had to go to a CPE training (continuing education stuff for work)...and note - Sat all day in classes.  Joshua stayed with our neighbor and I headed off to Louisville for training...sat in a training all day.... and I could almost feel my feet in my shoes getting tighter and tighter.... walking nearly 10 hours straight the day before at HW and then sitting the next day in a conference I guess is not a good formula.  My feet were killing me.... I mean really hurting. 

Got up this morning - again...feet hurting, feet swelling, legs throbbing, and my right leg really hurting...and a purple bruise coming on.... I don't remember hitting anything....hmmmmm???? Went to work and all I could think about is....what if I have a blood clot and then travel to India and have a stroke?  I know, I'm neurotic at times...I do worry and times... I've actually healed a whole bunch from fears...using Max Lucado's book Fearless.... but today, it was one of those things that I thought, you know, I might want to see a doctor. 

So, I went to this clinic in the town I work in - not my primary care physician - but someone close by that I've been to before for sinus infection, etc.  She agreed I needed an ULTRA SOUND to rule out the blood clot.  Yes, there is an adoption connection....wait for it....:)

So, because of the size of the clinic (small town), I had to go to the hospital to their imaging to get this checked out further.  So after working my way through the PAPERWORK!! (And we thought adoption paperwork is hard)... I finally went up to the radiology and imaging area...of course they insisted on taking me in a wheelchair - which after thinking about how tired my feet and legs are.... I agreed...they said protocol... fine by me...sweet ride.

Here is the silly part -- for some reason, the ultrasound tech and I started talking about adoption -- I'm sure I said something like, "you know I wanted to get this checked out because I'm going to be on a very long flight soon and don't want any problems".... and of course the conversation took off from there.  She instructed me what to do and then came back in and began putting the warm jelly on my leg and using the ultra sound equipment.  The feel of that warm jelly.... just made me begin to laugh, I don't mean chuckle to myself, I mean laugh (it didn't tickle)... it brought back amazing memories of my J-man being in womb.... anyway, all I could think about was little Miss Lauren! And yes, I said it..... "you know, this is my adoption ultra sound!!" - the tech TOTALLY loved it and she and I both continued to talk adoption and laugh.  You know, this experience as worrisome as it was....gave me great joy today.... is that weird?  (oh, and BTW - no blood clots at all).... :) 

This journey has been long - it's been over two years for us since we started the India adoption process -- and we've been in the process of "adopting" since not long after Joshua was born  - so as my heart has been on adoption for easily 5 years - I've used various strategies to get through the wait.  Certain milestones got me very excited, then I had to tell myself, "Renae, sit this on a shelf for a bit -- because it's a marathon, not a sprint -- the journey is long - and it is hard - you have to live life, you can't focus so much on this process".... but I have to tell you folks, when you get to the stage that we are at (so close to the end).... your nearly every waking moment is on this little girl (or boy, perhaps for you).... your heart is longing, and you are just hanging on every phone ringing in your midst...thinking - that's the one from Lisa.  There is no putting it on the shelf any longer -- it's all consuming.... just aching to get to this child.  Today was a blessing and a really silly story -- my baby girl had an ultra sound today the most unusual circumstances.... and she's all girl....and she's all mine!


  1. love this Renae!!! I am praying you get that phone call SOOOOOON!!!!!

  2. aw!!! :) it is too late to post sweet things like this...because the tears come too easy. :)

    praying. in my mind, it is so past time... but yes, I know God knows best.

  3. So sweet, Adoption Ultra Sound! I pray you get that call soon.

  4. So, so glad you're okay! And I love it too....adoption ultrasound. That is awesome!

  5. This is so sweet and funny! Just wait . . . the loooonng flight home will count as your "labor," especially if Lauren wants you to hold her and stand for at least 50% of the flight. :o)

    1. LOL - kindof.... uh...I didn't think about the standing part possibility AHHHHHH..... I think I dread the flight almost more than anything! UGH.... this one, has no epidural.